Avatar Anatomy: A Soul's Journey into the Body by Angela Ditch
Body Ascension Series:
Join Angela as the little voice in her head leads her on a journey of self-realization. From a woman filled with fear and contraction to a global traveller seeking the next psychological cliff to jump, she learns to literally get inside her body and be comfortable in her own skin. 

From esoteric experiences of brain training, kundalini activations, plant medicine, breathwork, yoga, medical intuitive training, sexual healing and more, the complete Body Ascension Series shares a wide array of tools and techniques that bring true self into the body to interface with and express through our physical avatar forms.

Book One, Avatar Anatomy, is her journey into the body as she learns to recognize the guidance of her true divine self, following it blindly as it leads her to open the energy pathways to fully embody her true essence. Once in the body, the realms of the subtle energetic world opened to her perceptions while notions of needing to fix herself fall by the wayside and a deeper understanding of truth and love is remembered.

From the Author

“It is my deepest wish that you feel inspired to be all that you truly are, and that you see the inherent perfection within yourself and the life you are creating. We each have our own path to ascension. I pray that you will enjoy walking the one that is yours.” ~ Angela
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Like crossing through the event horizon of a black hole, we are moving from a world of duality to a space of unity. Angela documents the experiences of her own mind as it grasps to understand its place in this new dimension, finding immense peace and unwavering faith.

Often people seek to raise the consciousness by moving beyond the body in the higher realms and frequencies. But in reality we are ascending within the body, bridging heaven and earth through the channels of our spines.

Body Ascension explores the mechanics and implications of this amazing time we live in and seeks to inspire all souls to open their bodies and channel their true selves.
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What Readers Say

 ”The book was amazing! Your strength and commitment are to be honoured, and it opens up channels for everyone that might be scared to venture forward. I am in complete awe and my admiration for you is endless.” ~ Dolly M.

"I give Angela Ditch’s book a five star rating! From the first page, the story she shares is from her heart and soul. As her free spirit takes you through her journey, you become her in the story. We are all searching for our purpose in this world, and Angela does a wonderful job of sharing how she gets to know what her soul is calling her to be! It is candid and heart warming. I love how she shares from her heart and soul! Thank you for the most beautiful story I’ve read in 2013! Looking forward to Book 2 and 3!” ~ Rhonda R.

Avatar Anatomy starts with a bang, with an eerie-cool retelling of a traumatic event. This event is the spark for big changes to come. Much of the book then reads like a fun text book about Yoga and related modalities, as Angela takes us on her journey of learning and teaches us so much along the way. Then it gets really exciting as she passionately relives her amazing adventures from exotic locations around the world, meeting tuned-in people and sharing life altering connections with us. Kind of like ‘The Celestine Prophecy’ but more real and achievable for us mere mortals. It all ties in with a firm grounding effect when Angela talks about small city Grande Prairie, Alberta as home base and her roots. I learned a lot from this gem; about what’s available out there for any of us, by simply checking out a local Yoga class for starters and seeing where it might lead. A deeper understanding of ourselves is always the first step in growing, and Angela offers great insight into where we can look. I can’t wait for Books 2 & 3!” ~ Dave D.

“If you are looking for a change in your life, or feel a calling to do some deep inner recognition of your true self, then reading Avatar Anatomy would be a great place to start! You are taken on the author Angela Ditch’s personal journey, through sacred sites around the world, training in breath work, meditations, kundalini, yoga, and much more! She guides us through so beautifully, that you become part of the story, and you just can’t put this book down! She shows us anything is possible, and teaches us through her own experience. I was very moved by her words!” ~ Paula G.

“This Book describes the transformation and awakening of the author’s Journey into the Higher Self. She takes us on a mind-blowing self discovery due to repression and belief systems that are imposed upon us from a young age. The discovery and acceptance from different modality studies such as Yoga, Breath work and Brain training give her the tools to share her teachings with others who are ready for their journey into their true selves. Bravo Angela, you truly are a blessings in my life and my transformation.” ~ Manon M.

“Angela is the embodiment of pure expansion. She is divinely plugged into the fifth dimension as an awakened woman. She has many gifts and talents that she so graciously shares internationally. I feel very blessed to know her. She has a sacred way of bringing community together wherever she goes. Always bringing out the best in the people and the situation at hand. When Angela shows up in your community, get ready. She will bring in the higher frequency from around the world, so that your community becomes cohesive and works in unity. I’ve had the honor to do breath work with Angela that changed my life forever. As a child I was kidnapped and still had some work to clear out in my sacral center. After a few sessions with Angela I was totally liberated from all pain, suffering, past memory and the old story line. My inner life is one of joy, trust and harmony. Thank you Angela for being the sacred empowered woman we can all learn from. ~ Joan K.- Soul Reader, Sedona, AZ”

“The poet Hafiz said, “I wish I could show you when you are lonely or in darkness, the astonishing light of your own being.” Angela, too, possesses the ability to show you that light. Simply being near Angela is enough to rekindle inspiration and confidence in yourself. She is such a vessel of love, of understanding, and of grace that one cannot help but come back to one’s own light when working with her. I had the honor of spending five weeks with her and after a few days of sharing in her quiet grace, all the inner noise ceased and the way was clear. This is her gift. If you find yourself lucky enough to work with her, allow yourself to be the empty vessel and let her light fill you.”
–Amy Jirsa, Owner, Quiet Earth Yoga, Lincoln, Nebraska

“Angela held the mother goddess space in the BreathLIGHT 1.1 Training for all with great enthusiasm and kindness. I am truly in deep appreciation for all her efforts and hold her in the highest regard. She rocked it!”
~ Elyseya L., Boise, ID

Angela is a conscientious and gifted healer, teacher and author. Her ability to hold unconditional space is unparalleled. She is able to connect deeply with all aspects of who you are and gently guide and support you in your healing journey. She brings a wealth of knowledge and skills to her practice as well as an incredible intuitive ability that will ensure that you are in capable hands even at your most vulnerable healing moments. I believe the best healers are the ones who deeply honour who you are and provide a loving space for you to heal in. Look no further than this amazing woman as a wonderful guide for your healing experiences. ~ Tanis McRae, The Healing I, Grande Prairie, AB

“Angela, you are truly a gift in my life. When I signed up for your Kundalini 14 day Intensive, I really had little exposure to yoga, and I was apprehensive knowing that I had some physical limitations. You have such a gentle, authentic way about you, meeting people where they are at, accepting them for who they are. I was instantly at ease. I was amazed at how quick my body became flexible, the breath-work increased my lung capacity and how energized I became. I feel ten years younger! I not only felt a connection to the Infinite but a deep connection to the music, which has sustained me, even after the class has ended. Thank you.” ~ Molly Weleski, Author, Grande Prairie, AB

“Angela, What a gift you are. Because of you, so many people in this world including myself, feel “seen”, loved, and needed, along with a sense of purpose and connection. You hold sacred all life, and rejoice in sharing your knowledge and love. Your grace brings peace into our souls, allowing our true selves to shine through, while you patiently guide and hold space, blessing our passage to awakening. I am grateful for your generosity of self and your connection to Divine.” ~ Paula Rycroft-Gerlitz, Evolving Solutions, Grande Prairie, AB
 student of self-realization, an author and a travelling yogini. I love to explore the edges of my comfort zone, opening to deeper authenticity and experience of my divine self. I believe that we are the formless essence of pure truth – total divine unity – on a journey flowing through individual physical forms, within a channel of duality and creation, fueled by love and the longing to remember and re-merge into our natural state of oneness.

Through global sacred travel and exploration of Kundalini Yoga, White Tantra, Vipassana Meditation, Breathwork, Sound Current, Plant Medicine, Belief Repatterning, Brain Training and more, I have deeply embodied my true self and I’m in continuous practice of coming home to my zero point of expanded spatial awareness. I believe the first step to ascension is to open the energetic pathways, fully embody our formless self and interface with our magnificent avatar body. Through this embodiment our TRUTH is expressed, empowering us to authentically re-merge with each other.

From Kundalini Yoga Chakra Intensives to Breathwork Activations, Spiritual Response Therapy to PSYCH-K Belief Repatterning, Quantum Vibrational Pendants to Body Ascension Playshops, I am honoured to share tools and techniques that effectively assist us in our journey to ascend within and through the body.
Known for my natural ability to hold a sacred space of unconditional love, I am often referred to as a Spiritual Midwife of Transformation. I am most grateful for all the beautiful souls I connect with and I love to facilitate playshops in Canada, the US and around the world.

A modern day gypsy, I circulate the planet landing wherever the guidance takes me. I currently reside between Grande Prairie and Sedona while completing the Body Ascension Book Series and planning and hosting Body Ascension Co-Creative Playshops around the globe.

Thank you for visiting my site and exploring my book.

With love and gratitude,
~ Angela


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